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I lowered my expectations, just like you know when I was teenager I wanted to have a ferrari, but when you are 30 current year sedan is quite an achievement compared to 15 year old beat up car I drove when I was a student. The same with projects, I am not inventing or optimizing complicated algorithms and I am OK with that, CRUD apps that have long life are also a challange. Handling people is a challange, which I like because I work with really nice people now. Getting that new feature in a CRUD app from concept to production feels good as well! (I am also not going to work in FANG and I am not going to earn $250k a year)

I had luck with my current employer, ended up in a company that needs me and are greatful for what I do for them. It is a software shop, so I am not a cost for them but an asset. So one thing to note, try to find company where software is their main product. Earlier I was working in a company where software for them was: "those silly kids fooling around", boy that was bad.

Some people say they stopped doing development after work. There is so much stuff to learn that I cannot just let it go. I was mostly Windows person, I learned loads of Linux stuff. I don't do the same stuff I do at work after work. I don't have deadlines, my projects don't have to provide any value, I don't have to open source them. I don't have to learn after work to stay competitive. I am just fooling around just like I want and there is no sprint, no points, no product owners so it feels so much better than what I have to do at work.

I think all those words I used could be summed up by: take it easy, don't take it too serious, have luck.

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