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I know it's against the rules to post inflammatory stuff and i want to be civil, but @dang, do you really feel ok representing a community where the prevailing opinion seems to be it's no big deal to have dealings with a known child sex trafficker, it's just societal shaming, etc? It's so disappointing that this is apparently how the minds work for prominent voices on this hub for the tech community.

On the contrary, do you really feel okay peddling this obvious attempt at a hit piece relying on guilt by association as evidence that all these other rich people were involved in some manner?

No one's saying that what Epstein did wasn't wrong, everyone's saying that people who interacted with him weren't necessarily involved, nor was it their responsibility to cause a ruckus about it.

You should edit your post because you meant "what Epstein did wasn't wrong". (and maybe no one here because I'm sure in some awful corner of the internet there is a conspiracy theory that makes a hero of him...)

Ah yes, you're right. That's a pretty big typo on my side. The app I'm using doesn't seem to let me edit though.

We've edited it for you.

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