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So what? Even if they did know, this is retarded.

As soon as you know someone is "ex-communicated" from society you must go out of your way to never ever possibly see or interact with them forever for life?

Get real. I'm not turning around to go home every time I see an "ex-communicated" individual.

Who keeps track of this list of individuals, where do I go to get an updated list so I can immediately vacate when one arrives? What happens if someone is added to the list after I have met them?? Am I on the list by association??

This is bonkers.

If I went to a party, and saw a guy there who was well-known as a convicted sex offender and convicted pedophile (Florida convicted him of soliciting an underage prostitute), I would leave.

I believe that the list of individuals is available online in real time, it's called the sex offender registry.

I generally agree with you, but I think the difficulty here is that much of Epstein's ability to commit the crimes that he did at the level that he did comes directly from the willingnes of other wealthy elites to associate with him.

The basic idea is that we do expect some degree of moral responsibility from our leaders, elected or otherwise. Most of them absolutely operate with and require some public support.

People are just setting a higher bar for what that support requires.

> this is retarded

The litmus test for what HN suppresses is in which topics one side (but it's only ever one) can talk like this without a stern talking to or threat of bans.

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