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Who cares. As long as they weren’t engaging in illegal sex activities and were all there conducting business then how is this even news. It seems more like random character assassination. Unless Buzzfeed is trying say that all sex offenders should not be allowed to work, eat, or associate which anyone regardless of the circumstance and likewise you should never associate with a sex offender regardless of the circumstance whether you knew they were a sex offender or not. This is all complete rubbish. Shame on you Buzzfeed.

we're not talking about a random sex offender, he blackmailed people, and he associated with our tech leaders. so he potentially blackmailed same tech leaders.

this is a different observation than some random non-blackmailing sex offender sitting 2 spots away in the bus.

When Epstein was in prison, Alfredo Rodriguez tried selling Epstein's black book for $50k. Until he was arrested for obstruction of justice. The government had a list of all the victims (and in all likelihood the clients / targets).


speaking of character assassination, remember when Musk was calling one of the cave divers a pedophile? (he saving kids stuck in a cave, and provided feedback that Musk's device was useless)

why wine and dine with Epstein, but then call a cave diver who actually saves children a pedophile?

why did Musk dare insinuate the diver was a pedophile, but did he not dare or care to say the same about Epstein?

this Epstein creep was really intelligent in his blackmail targets: he seems to have focused on people with stable positions of power like tech leaders (also business, academia?), as opposed to politicial leaders or party affiliated people as dumber blackmailers usually try: blackmailing partisan people is guaranteed to backfire sooner or later since roles switch by election every term or two.

Rodriguez served 18 months in prison vs Epstein's 13, and he didn't even get the sweetheart work release deal either.

> as opposed to politicial leaders or party affiliated people

It blew up in the news because of his ties with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

There is a famous quote: "I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy… He’s a lot of fun to be with. He likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side." -- Donald Trump.

1) To be clear I was not intrinsically trying to redirect attention to apolitical leaders, only trying to connect the dots to what Epstein seems to have focussed on, and therefore direct my attention towards apolitical leaders, not intrinsically.

2) Prince Andrew is not elected, princes don't have terms where new princes get rotated every term.

3) The fact that that 2 out of 3 were political leaders only seems to prove my point, and Trump, Clinton (and possibly others) would have been Epstein's "mistakes" from the perspective of the strategy.

(I upvoted your comment, because it adds to my interpretation)

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