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To be clear, schools like Trinity are a few tiers below schools like Harvard. Harvard almost definitely does have mass culling (ex: remove everyone with < 1550/1600 unless X, Y, Z) and then do holistic review for the remainder.

Its difficult to even put Trinity in the same bucket as places like the Ivies, MIT, Caltech, Duke, and Stanford.

Here's the question - who cares? As someone that never got into any, I was told elite schools don't matter! Unless everyone is lying to me for the sake of political correctness of course...

I think it's great that institutions can select their student body however they want. They have that right as private organizations, and it's why I oppose the Asian affirmative action lawsuits. But lets not pretend this social engineering is good for America or laudable. Giving a lottery ticket to 500 more people or 500 different people does nothing to benefit society.

Actually they can't select their student body however they want. When private institutions accept public funding then they are legally required to play by certain rules. That's why Asian applicants who feel they were unfairly discriminated against have grounds to sue.

Some colleges — particularly religious schools — forego all government funding as a matter of principle. This gives them almost complete freedom of action in setting their admission policies.

When JFK was trying to get into college he wrote that he wanted the status of having attended Harvard. Their blessing combined with the networking of knowing other people with that blessing may be the most important component of "education." Youre paying for who you grow to know.


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