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Apple introduces new version of the most popular iPad starting at $329 (apple.com)
28 points by theBashShell 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

It's pretty bizarre to release a new iPad supporting only the 1st generation Apple Pencil, no?

With the new iPad Pros, I would have assumed Apple was going all-in with the 2nd gen Pencil. But now both are supported by current iPad products, with the "most recent" iPad only supporting the 1st gen Pencil. So both Pencil models will be in stock, and only one will work with each type of iPad.

Does anyone else find that unusually confusing for Apple's product lineup? I wonder what the technical difference is that prevents using 2nd gen Pencils at the same price point (I assume it is a cost reason). Surely just including the magnetic charging apparatus in the new iPad would have been cheaper than maintaining two SKUs - unless they had a lot of leftover 1st Gen Pencils to sell.

The iPad Air released earlier this year also only supports the 1st gen pencil.

Looks like a nice mid-point with some of the pro features (keyboard, pencil) and it rounds out the line. They really do seem to be competing with the Surface Pro here. I find the two products fascinating (disclaimer I've got an iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro 6).

My use cases are "on the go, notes and and apps", this tends to be an iPad, and "portable office with some development" this tends to be a Surface Pro. I take pictures with my iPad and mark them up in Notability. The simple AR-Kit measuring apps are useful here as well. When I want a terminal / X session or multiple displays I use the Surface Pro. While I have the stylus for both, I sketch more on the iPad than the Surface even though in some ways the Surface drawing experience is better. I have yet to achieve the rapid fluidity they show on stage with either device, and I drew the line and buying a Surface Studio (mostly I do e-cad in my spare time with some mechanical for 3D printing).

The odd man out here is my Android phone. I would consider a cellular radio/blob that could pair with my iPad and provide simple phone/text service. If the Apple Watch is the wrist screen, it would be the 'ear screen' for me. I would want it to work independently for calls/text so I could just have it for contact, but it doesn't need the entire app ecosystem like the iPad has. Not sure if I'll see anything like that.

And I'm still looking for a sketch app that is something between Visio, Harvard Graphics, Sketchpad, and Solidworks. Maybe something like Sketchup with a better finger interface to go with the stylus. Or perhaps I just need to sit still and put in 10 - 20 hrs of solid work on one of them to get more proficient :-)

Why is apple so tight with storage? 32gb-128gb is laughable even for 5 years ago.

Also worth mentioning is that the 64-bit 9.7" 2048x1536 32GB iPad with Apple Pencil support has been selling at WalMart for $249 for almost a year now. It makes a good web terminal as well as sketch pad. I've found it convenient and useful for data consuming and light activities such as news reading, online classes, and sketching out political cartoons for my blog.

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