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What a good headline. It totally doesn't make it look like these billionaires or billionaires-to-be knowingly went to this dinner even though Epstein was there, despite how the article a few paragraphs down says "they didn't know he was there" or "don't remember".

Outstanding journalism from a company known for their top 10 cat picture you _just can't resist!_

who cares if they didn't know on the way? I'm not proposing it be illegal to stay upon learning Epstein is there, but similarily most of us don't understand why you would want to stay? most of us would go home and feel disturbed for the rest of the day.

if you are at a party, and some partypooper is present, do you actually stay?

Is it really inconceivable that they didn't know that he was there, or that they did not recognize him, or that they were unaware of his criminal record?

These people are not like you. Where you would be uncomfortable and leave. They were extremely focused on why they were there and not let the presence of someone else ruin the entire night.

I would not necessarily leave, typically in a situation where theres an annoying person present, me and my friends would try to get rid of the annoying person, and if that keeps failing, leave for home...

How would you even know everyone and their criminal histories at a party you are invited to?

Agreed. Quite the amazing article, the likes of which you can only find on clickfarmnews.com

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