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RIP Four Loko

I miss it too. Pretty ridiculous that they banned 4loko but I can still pound rum/cokes or vodka/redbulls at the bar all day long.

Incidentally, one of the deaths that precipitated the ban wasn't even a case of alcohol poisoning; it was suicide. The guy shot himself in his head and the family blamed the beverage. He was 20 years old; below the legal limit.. but not a child. As far as I know most of the fatalities were college students, not children.

Oh, Four Loko... Honestly, a similar-tasting drink could probably be made by mixing Arizona, Red Bull, and Vodka/Gin together.

The ban still seems silly and reactionary. I think part of the reason various states' AGs got up in arms about Four Loko was the brand image of it being a "low-class, college drink". If there was an upscale-looking Irish Coffee alcoholic drink in a glass bottle like a Starbucks coffee hit the shelves in stores, would that also get banned if college students happen to like coffee and alcohol?

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