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Surely it's the nicotine that people are addicted to, not the flavor. That's just my assumption though, I've never gotten myself addicted to any of that shit; one taste of a cigarette was all I needed to know.

part of why people have such success switching to vapes is that most people actually find vaping to be a more enjoyable experience than smoking (after a transition period). your clothes don't stink, you can breathe noticeably better, etc. imo, the pleasant flavors are a major part of this. I've bummed a couple cigarettes since I switched to vaping and I can't even finish one anymore; they taste gross now.

The other, much bigger part, is addiction. Otherwise, why aren't nicotine-free vape mixes front and center? Manufacturers are pushing higher and higher amounts of nicotine to keep people hooked after the fonzie factor wears off.

> Manufacturers are pushing higher and higher amounts of nicotine to keep people hooked after the fonzie factor wears off.

true, but misleading. the devices designed for very high nicotine concentrations are also producing much less vapor. very few people are using nic salts in their 200W mods.

Online retailers have been moving towards lower percentages for years. I started with a massive 30% (around 4 years ago) when I switched and I'm down to 1.5% because I believe there are some good benefits, similar to caffeine.

That's great to hear, honestly. Brands like Juul have (had?) very high concentrations.

I believe the % concentrations are apples and oranges when comparing a PG/VG based juice to nicotine salts. I thought the same when I saw how high the nic was, but I believe the actual % of nicotine absorbed is about the same for lower % PG/VG and seemingly high % nic salts


not arguing with your main point. at the end of the day, people are certainly not addicted to cotton candy vape flavor. as you say, they are addicted to the nicotine. it would be great if everyone could just quit nicotine all at the same time, but that's not a realistic solution. so for the people who can't quit, what is the best harm reduction strategy that they will actually tolerate? it's certainly not patches, and I doubt it will be flavorless vapes.

But you said you hate the flavor of cigarettes now, which is not the same as hating flavorless vapes. I would expect you and most others to prefer flavorless vapes to cigarettes, and therefore, to continue vaping after a flavor ban, instead of switching to cigarettes. Am I off the mark there?

I think you're right, however, I still have concerns about the long term unknown effects. Maybe not for vapes specifically, but lets take IQOS which is Philip Morris' heat to burn product which many people says tastes better, doesn't stink, etc. If people switch over to that and it has 9/10ths of the negative effects of smoking but also attracts new people to the market it could easily be a net loss for society.

I'm not a huge fan of banning things in general, I think it'd be more interesting to either tax vapes heavily so people really have to take the cost of externalities into account when they're being used or make them available by prescription.

this is the kind of thing that's hard to understand if you haven't experienced it yourself.

vaping delivers nicotine differently than smoking. iirc, the acidity of tobacco smoke allows the nicotine to be absorbed much more quickly. cigarettes also contain other (more dangerous) psychoactive compounds not found in vape liquid. from the chemical delivery perspective, the cigarette is preferable to the vape. the vape is fighting an uphill battle against the cigarette; it's winning now because it has fewer (noticeable/known) health effects and tastes better. if you start removing the flavor advantage, people switch back to cigarettes on the margin.

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