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You know, kids seem to like alcoholic drinks with sweet flavors as well. Should we get rid of those? How about food that tastes great but is bad for you? Obesity is a massive problem in this country.

My grocery store keeps single bottles of Seagrams Escapes (the brightly colored, fruity flavored wine coolers) in a big bin right by the register like its just another soda. I've never had one but I'm sure kids would think they taste great and don't taste even a little like alcohol.

RIP Four Loko

I miss it too. Pretty ridiculous that they banned 4loko but I can still pound rum/cokes or vodka/redbulls at the bar all day long.

Incidentally, one of the deaths that precipitated the ban wasn't even a case of alcohol poisoning; it was suicide. The guy shot himself in his head and the family blamed the beverage. He was 20 years old; below the legal limit.. but not a child. As far as I know most of the fatalities were college students, not children.

Oh, Four Loko... Honestly, a similar-tasting drink could probably be made by mixing Arizona, Red Bull, and Vodka/Gin together.

The ban still seems silly and reactionary. I think part of the reason various states' AGs got up in arms about Four Loko was the brand image of it being a "low-class, college drink". If there was an upscale-looking Irish Coffee alcoholic drink in a glass bottle like a Starbucks coffee hit the shelves in stores, would that also get banned if college students happen to like coffee and alcohol?

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