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Private Internet Access VPN has been blocked in Hong Kong (privateinternetaccess.com)
42 points by rasengan 37 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

As someone who lived in Hong Kong, this is such a big step backwards. Freedom to access information was such a key part of picking HK over China when setting up an APAC office.

The headline is slightly deceiving. All "private internet access" isn't blocked, just a single VPN called Private Internet Access VPN.

It's one of the top two VPNs in China/HK. If they're coming for PIA, it means all the VPNs will be blocked soon or already are. In other words, full GFW lockdown for HK, removing one more of the last remaining freedoms that HK still had over the mainland.

I've emailed the mods.

Thanks! Updated from “Hong Kong Blocks Private Internet Access”.

More reason for people to protest. Now they're deploying the firewall to censor information that people already know? Doesn't make sense... Why are people using a VPN in HK?

For the same reasons people use VPNs anywhere, privacy from their FHR.

Can anyone confirm this? People I know are saying this isn't true and they can access PIA fine from within HK. They say PIA's coverage in China and HK has been spotty from the beginning.

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