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Oh great, so instead of buying flavors from stores people will buy them on the street and make them at home using dubious online tutorials.

I don't know why you've been downvoted. This is the standard outcome from prohibition - the same argument applies to the war on drugs, and people trying to ban abortions. It's better to have a legalized and regulated marketplace than an illegal one

People have been making their own vape liquids at home for at least the last five years, probably closer to the last decade.

It isn't difficult, a guide to making vape liquid is basically a lesson in measuring liquid volume and a handful of links to flavoring merchants. I don't see how that could be dubious...

making your own vape liquid necessitates handling nicotine in dangerously high concentrations (ie, a lethal dose just from spilling it on your arm). I think it's fine for informed enthusiasts to do this at their own risk, but it would be extremely irresponsible to push the median vaper towards blending their own.

The vast majority of people will be fine. It's the most idiotic one percent of people this endangers but even fools still deserve to be able to safely buy their e-liquid.

Yes, because that's what happens in high schools all over the country - the scourge of bathtub gin is real

What's this have to do with high schools? Booze and vaporizers are both illegal for minors and minors get their hands on both anyway. The proposed law is an outright ban on flavored liquids even for adults.

Sure, but I still don't think that banning candy flavors is going to result in a mass of people brewing their own, a la prohibition. People didn't make their own flavored cigarettes, when those were banned.

The most popular flavored cigarette, menthol, wasn't banned. Cigarettes in flavors other than menthol never had the type of popularity vapes do now. Making e-juice is already a hobby/cottage industry and banning it won't make it go away.

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