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Show HN: The Whole Code Catalog (futureofcoding.org)
156 points by stevekrouse 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

Hi, HN! I made The Whole Code Catalog to inspire the creators of our next generation of computational interfaces. The name is a bit ambiguous: the Catalog is not a review of more traditional programming languages we programmers already know a lot about, like Python and C, but of interesting but less-well-known ones for us, like Smalltalk, Eve, Retool, and Zapier.

If you're a programming languages and devtools nerd, come join the Future of Coding Community[1]!

[1] - https://futureofcoding.org/community

You should look at https://monte.readthedocs.io/en/latest/, and potentially add a new category for capability-based programming languages (other ones would be E or Pony)

Thanks for the work Steve! Love to see this, been scouring all over the place for that kind of stuff and there's stuff you cataloged I didn't get to check out yet. Excited to see there's a community around it, I'm trying to build one of those future devtools and this will be great data for me to munch while I contemplate on it. :)

You should do a review of Tera Term.

looks amazing!!


The site seems to be powered by observable, somehow (I don't know much about it). [1] [2].

Something that tends to happen with this kind of list is that things die, get outdated, etc. With some machine readable data it would be possible to run some health checks, like, if the project has a git repo, check time of last commit, etc.

Would be cool to rethink sites like this and other list sites like those popular "awesome XYZ" pages, such that anyone could perform some quick queries from a command line in as few steps as possible ("show me all tools with good rating that were updated at least 3 months ago", etc).

1: https://futureofcoding.org/catalog/observable.js

2: https://observablehq.com/@stevekrouse/untitled/3@618

Maybe ir's just me but after surfing around I can't really understand what this is. I can't see images neither code. Is this kind of luna-lang? Or a podcast about visual programming?

It's like an "awesome list" or subreddit of visual programming languages except each entry has a detail page that includes a review and feedback

Here, maybe is what you were looking for?

> https://futureofcoding.org/catalog/hazel.html

As I read it is about the interface we use to "code", about the more abstract concepts (eg: text files vs spreadsheets vs image based/direct manipulation environments).

"These reviews are for the makers of tools, those that are pushing our computational interfaces forward. The goal of the Whole Code Catalog is to provide inspiration for the tools you will one day create."

In such context, the classifications make sense to me.

That's a very cool site!

I'm not sure that "notebook" and "reactive" are the two main features I would use to describe Eve, the one language I sort-of know on that list. I think its most distinctive characteristics were that it was synchronous and logic-programming-based (reactive might well imply synchronous, as it indeed did in the '80s and '90s, but I think these days many people think of something else when they hear "reactive" and know little about its original, fundamental aspect -- the so-called synchrony hypothesis).

On the note of "it might not mean what you think it means", I was hoping for a short blurb describing each of the tags. A glossary, maybe?

Are any of these systems based on Prolog? I feel like the next great advancement will need to use the core concept of logic programming to some extent.

With projects like MiniKanren, it's more likely we'll see logic programming included in a language as a library, rather than rooted at the core of the language. Look at what Clojure did with Datomic (which uses Datalog as a query language) and core.logic (an implementation of MiniKanren).

Oke. Good.This is great resource! I found codeflow is interesting but it seems a dead project.

This is really neat! How can I contribute to it? Would definetly love to add some concepts to it.

This is great resource! I found codeflow is interesting but it seems a dead project.


I was told by the HN staff to repost it in this format because the last posting was penalized for not being a direct link

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