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Biggest news is ASGI support, which should enable a ton of new features and performance improvements in the future.

ASGI is disgusting. It's WSGI (not very good in the first place) with asyncio tacked on (even worse!).

I don't know ASGI. Could you argument please ? Your comment is not useful to me as is.

I'm a fan of WSGI. It has allowed a large number of frameworks to explore different methodologies while (mostly) abstracting away the deployment pieces. For instance I can deploy a django app the exact same way I would deploy a flask app.

I have not had a chance to play with ASGI yet. I'm not a fan of async as a paradigm, but it has a small number of use cases where it excels. I think it will always be problematic when you need heavy database access (like in most django apps), but where it does fit it can be a very handy tool.

I agree, WSGI has always seemed fine to me.

About the only nitpick I can think of is that dealing with large streams of data (say a user-agent uploading a big file) without either the web server / or the WSGI side of things reading the whole thing into memory or buffering it on disk can be a pain.

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