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Show HN: Search Engine on the Top of Twitter to Find Jobs (tweetjobs.dev)
189 points by mddanishyusuf on Sept 10, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 53 comments

Find Latest Jobs from Twitter

You say it searches the latest jobs advertised on Twitter, but you also advertise job postings for $149. Why wouldn't someone just post their job on Twitter if your service is going to pick it up anyway?

Perhaps by paying one's ad is shown higher.

That might be the business modal here, but I doubt people browse job listings in the same way they browse other lists of data, so it's a bit silly. If you're looking for a new role once you've filtered a list of all jobs down to a list of of possible jobs then every result is equally important - people won't just apply to the first result as if it's the best one. They'll go down the list and apply to all the ones that sound good and match their criteria. Promoting a role to the top of the list will only mean people apply to it first. Who cares about that?


When I see folks tweeting out jobs or promoting them a great deal I often think:

"That is pretty visible, a lot more qualified people than me are going to apply."

Granted I'm a bit of an noob due to a career change so that probabbly applies to me anyway, but I wonder if other folks respond the same way to seeing heavily promoted jobs?

Most of the time I think the opposite. Why is there a need to promote it that much? Seems always like the company doesn't know how/where to get fitting people, which is not a good sign if you ask me. But also I assume they don't want (to pay) upper tier employees, so lower qualified candidates could be the target demo.

Yeah I can certainly understand that.

I know of some places I interviewed at who endlessly advertise... because a lot of people have turned down their intermittently (strangely random) low ball offers or worked for them and word on how their management structure has gotten out.

Purely anecdotal, but half of the jobs I've had in my career have come from Twitter posts, either from my replying to a Twitter post regarding a job, or me applying to a role via a link I found on Twitter. I've also hired people that found the role via Twitter, and a surprisingly low number of people apply when social media is your only outlet.

Again, purely anecdotal, but the quality has usually been pretty high - probably because the candidates were always "known" to the company, either by knowing them from a user group, or being friends/associated with someone at the company.

I think your most right about the feeling towards the posting. Many folks find some reason to disqualify themselves before they even apply.

I've been a front end dev for more than 20 years and I often feel the same way. The feeling doesn't go away. You have to fight it, and try to surround yourself with people who'll help reassure you when you need it.

Is it harder getting hired if you have too much experience?

Yes for some roles but in fairness their is a reason they want less experienced. Everything from low pay to fear of someone smarter.

Not directly, but more experience usually means older and a higher salary which both make it a bit harder. To be honest though, web dev work is so new as an industry I don't really think it makes much difference to most companies.

If you think you might like the job and have the time for applying and interviewing, then do so. The company should know best if you're a good fit, but they'll only find out if you apply. Make them say "No."

Except they don't say "no", they silently add you to their "do not hire" list that other local companies keep updated.

Is that true for your region?

Seems cool but I don't think I would ever even think about using Twitter to search for jobs?

But Nowadays companies posting job opportunity on twitter.

My online life is more and more simply Googling for their Knowledge Graph, and Twitter for anything else. So why not...

Well then I won't see it because I don't use twitter.

Seems like a good way to miss out on potential talent.

You're not alone. But maybe its a good thing? Companies who use Twitter as a core part of their strategy in that way might not be a good fit, anyway?

I'm confused, how do you search? I won't call this a search engine if you can't enter a keyword...

Sorry guys. HN hug break the website :lol. I'll update your soon. Follow on Twitter.

A tiny piece of unsolicited copy editing advice:

> Search Engine on the top of twitter to find jobs in real time.

Should generally be written as:

> Search Engine on top of twitter to find jobs in real time.

Would you consider adding expanded filters/tags? I would be most interested in 'information security', or 'digital forensics' type of jobs from twitter. Examples, #InfoSec, #CyberSecurity, SANSInstitute or rhinosecurity on twitter, etc. Thanks!

502 reply. Carefull with AngularJS category, AngularJS means the old version of Angular, by opposition to Angular which means Angular 2 and more. Those are basically two different framework that are going to attract different developers.

That's one of the most annoying things about Angular. They should have just given it a different name when making such a huge move from 1 to 2.

Like "Spangular" — and then got Adam Sandler to endorse it.

Looks cool! Do you have plans to add filters for hardware jobs, like embedded/firmware, electronics design, mechanical eng, industrial design, etc?

That's a nice take on crawling job ads, I see some just minutes old (well the tweets of the companies are minutes old).

Yes, all the result are steaming direct from twitter.

Yes, Twitter can be a gold mine of great remote freelance development positions too if you know where to look.

A website like this is great to make finding those positions even faster.

I tell my story of how a single tweet landed me a $10K fully remote front-end freelance gig here: [REDACTED]

P.S. - If you're interested in learning how to find remote freelance positions yourself on Twitter then I have a free PDF for you that shows you how to find them, structure your profile, etc. Get it here: [Medium.com Link: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-find-your-next-remote-freelanc... ]

Hope it helps and thank you for releasing tweetjobs, OP.

EDIT: Removed first link to my website and linking up to Medium.com post instead of a PDF file. Sorry if this came across as clickbait...

This is clickbait / an ad

That first link feels like clickbait. Also, why not just link to the Medium post that the PDF is derived from? [1]

This feels like spam.

1: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-find-your-next-remote-freelanc...

Did we kill it already? 500 error bonanza over here.


Same here, appears to be another case of HN hug of death.

I'm getting 404s for next.js chunks, 503s for a twitter scraper app hosted on Heroku, and also CORS errors because the Heroku app is on a .herokuapp.com domain. :/

No, try.

same here

Good stuff! Lots of jobs get posted on Twitter, and so it seems worthwhile to dig them out.

Twitter could probably make a tidy sum providing such a service themselves. In a way, it's a bit weird that they haven't. Or, it's a sound strategy to stay focused on the main service, who knows.

Cool project - I can see this working for smaller companies that have lower budgets. Lots of people ask around on Twitter for devs so this could be good for smaller companies/devs looking for contractors etc

Very cool.

As always with projects which use data from Twitter to build something valuable, I wonder if you could share some insights into how your Twitter-to-Website ETL pipeline looks like?

The streaming API sucks (even if it finds no results, it consumes GB on top of GB - and obviously doesn't find anything historical) and the REST api also sucks as it doesn't return all the results. It's gotta be scraping.

Might be more useful if it's searchable by language.

That's really great. Lots of job offers on Twitter that are currently hard to find. What's next in terms of product roadmap?

Still need to filter by location and other parameters as, junior, senior level.

Cool project, it's a good example where Twitter can be helpful to build something useful.


Now, you try again.

Still 502

502: BAD_GATEWAY Code: NO_STATUS_CODE_FROM_LAMBDA ID: oma1:7rndc-1568122624964-685073166f4d

Very cool, takes ages to load though

hello guys.

Now, website is working fine.


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