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Did a Brooklyn Home’s Tunnel Provide Passage to Escaped Slaves? (citylab.com)
19 points by apollinaire 33 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

The woman on the video in the story states several facts very authoritatively however there is nothing that she points to to substantiate what she is saying. It's close to pure speculation (at least as presented). An example is stating the age of some wood on the wall. Another is saying that where a very common basement steps are located is where the tunnel used to be. Unclear how that can be stated as certain without any supporting evidence. (I have owned buildings with similar steps. The existence of old artifacts such as the corn husker (or whatever it was) is not support for what is being claimed in any way.

I grew up in and around old buildings like this. There were always rumors as far as the buildings being used for slaves.

The house is literally falling apart, I had thought it was abandoned until I happened to see the sign the city installed. If it's history, it's already well past being preserved.

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