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> It's also arrogant to grab Python 2 out of the hands of people still using it and flush it down the toilet.

No one is doing that. Python 2 is available, open-source software. The Python core team discontinuing development isn't grabbing it out of anyone's hands. Open source projects whose core teams have discontinued them in favor of an incompatible (either technologically or by licensing) alternative, or abandoned them altogether (or just not maintained them in a way that pleased the community), have often had maintenance picked up by alternative maintainers, who have often had to use alternative names for the independent continuation project. Nothing is taken out of anyone's hands by this.

> If Python 3 could run Python 2 code (even at just the granularity of modules) then all of this mess could have been avoided.

And we all saw how well starting with that goal worked for Perl 6.

> But I do find the attitude of "Hey, F. U." to those of us who want to keep using Python 2 to be pretty arrogant.

No one has that attitude (except maybe employers, but that's more about a desire to continue to get paid for using Python 2 than merely to continue to use it.) You are perfectly free to continue using Python 2 until the Earth is swallowed up by the Sun and no one will stop you, or even really care.

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