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In the future writing actual code will be like using a pro DSLR camera (levels.io)
3 points by yagodragon 41 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I distinctly remember my uncle explaining to me how programming was already becoming a graphical, connect-the-boxes task precisely as shown in those diagrams. That conversation took place sometime in the late 1990s.

I'm sure programming will become like that at about the same time we evolve to communicating with flashcards.

im thinking memes == flashcards

The author assumes that software (or "code" as the article puts it) is a "problem" that has been - or is close to being - solved, and so can reliably be abstracted into an easy to use and understand UX.

However, software, the algorithms they encode, and the applications with relation to the hardware they run on is constantly evolving. By the time you have a reliable drag and drop interface for a use case, things have moved on.

Thus, these "no code" approaches will always lag considerably behind what is required to remain competitive, resulting in the requirement for the "DSLR" crowd.

I've been in and around the software development space for 20 years. Promises of "no code" or whatever's the latest buzzword have always existed. However improvements have only materialised with improved IDEs offering coding efficiencies and off the shelf libraries allowing for more reuse. If writing actual codes goes away any time soon, I'll be amazed.

My wife's uncle explained to me how excited he and many of his colleagues where when FORTRAN IV came out. Finally a programming language for people who didn't want to learn about computers and programming.

Basically this line of thinking is almost as old as programming itself.

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