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At this point, I am at a complete loss to understand what it is that Keybase is, or is doing.

A pity, because it started so well, as a way to manage my online identity.

It seems like they want to do a lot of things, but they embark on new projects before previous ones have gained significant adoption. This makes it appear like they lack a general direction, with some of the suggestions on this page already spanning from key management to cryptocurrency to group chat.

Everyone likes free money, but I'm not sure if this will be a net plus for them or not, it comes with a lot of overhead in multiple areas, and I hope they realize that with this post.

It is a swiss army at this point. I don't mind some of the options. I was hoping they'd make email one of their endeavours in a way that's compatible with protonmail as an alternative. I was also hoping they would sell me additional storage or something.

Client-Side encrypted chat, git, storage, 'team groups', wallet and identity.

All of it kind of slow and something you can't pay for to expand limits, so you can't rely on it as a company or for your own personal use.

Currently I use it to store my personal dot files and share it with my work laptop.

It's like Pied Piper, but with cryptography instead of compression!

Slack is probably their closest competitor at this stage. But they do crypto (stellar) wallets + git + identity too. The encrypted git functionality is really handy for sharing API keys.

I don't care about that crypto currency stuff. I still think Keybase overall is a great tool.

Personally, the online identity part is the thing I'm the _least_ excited about with Keybase and would actually prefer it without (or, even better, selective disclosure where I can choose to give proofs of identity to users without Keybase sniffing it up).

I find it

Throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks can be a legitimate strategy. We'll see if it pays.

Their private encrypted git repos and file storage is pretty solid.

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