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I thought you were going to mention that comment about Trump saying that Epstein liked "his girls on the younger side".

I think what's interesting is the ethical dilemma here.

You have 1000s of people around you. No one is saying anything. Then they offer you money. Do you take it? Everyone else is? Then the counter to this is that of the 1000s of people that come crashing down why is it just Joi Ito and a few others?

The key detail here is that Joi isn't an isolated "king" like the rest of the people here.

They will all escape justice.

The sad reality is that the only folks who actually "suffer" from shame are those that have the capacity to see the world from a perspective other than their own.

It adds an interesting dimension to Steven Pinker’s thoughts about common vs shared knowledge.

Not everyone. Not even close.

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