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> ... that only means that that close friend of yours knew what you liked and what you were into

That's the only possible explanation?

Perhaps Epstein wanted to ensnare Minsky in a situation that could be used to coerce him. That's consistent with Minsky turning her down, unlike your version.

What’s there left to coerce in an 88 year old who had been pretty happy to take photo shoots with Epstein before and whom the same Epstein had in his pocket based on the potential financial donations alone? All I’m saying is that Minsky’s influence was at that point behind him.

Uh... neither of those things is exactly raping a child? There would be plenty to coerce.

I’m saying that when a close friend of yours sends you a child to be raped then I assume that that close friend of yours knew that you liked raping children, orherwise he would have sent you something else or nothing at all.

I think you're assuming "friend" means "someone you like" and the purpose of a gift is to make a friend happy.

But among the powerful, "friend" often means "someone who is useful to know" and "gifts" usually have a self-serving motive.

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