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> This guy was raping underage teens and possibly pre-teens

FTFY. An adult can’t “have sex” with a pre-teen.

Legal definitions of this differ per country.

As an example pedophilia in Finland is defined in criminal code as having sex with a person under 16. Rape is a different crime.

Sure you can also define it using rape and defining that a minor cannot give consent.

In the end these are just semantics. End result is the same.

There are no situations where an 11 year old having sex with a grown adult man isn’t rape.

Sure, some cultures or religions might say otherwise, but at the end of the day it’s just basic ethics.

It is just semantics, but everything in our life is semantics, so words are important. “Having sex” makes it sound casual and like relationship of equals, which it is not.

There are benefits of this style. The whole point of the law is that having sex when not equal is the bad thing, not the inability of a minor to consent.

Here it’s quite common that an 18 and 15 year old who are dating are being relieved from the criminal responsibility because they are considered to be close enough in their stages of development by the judge.

It may be harder to do that if it’s defined via rape. Because how would the development level of the older partner affect the younger ones inability to consent.

Personally I’d rather have this way instead of reading from the news how a married couple has the older one saying they are a registered sex offender because they banged eachother as teens.

I agree with you, and this is why my original post specifically referred to a preteen and an adult.

> It is just semantics, but everything in our life is semantics, so words are important.

Only if you don't understand the meaning that someone is intending to impart by using those words.

And I'd say that in this case, there should have been zero confusion, and that it was perfectly clear what people were trying to say, so the words used don't matter.

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