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Why are you going out on such limbs and repeatedly defending Epstein and his child sexual abuse in this thread?

I'm struggling to understand your motivations. This should be a clear and obvious case of someone who was really fucked up, did fucked up things, and deserves nobody in polite society defending him.

And yet here we are having this discussion, somehow.

I'm in no way defending Epstein in any way. It is horrifying how many people in this thread seem to be unable to understand that. I hope nobody of you works in the legal system. You have a prejudice, and you can only see what confirms your prejudice, despite nothing of it being there. You think I defend Epstein, but I never did.

I asked a question about a paragraph describing a scene of a guy visiting MIT Media Lab with young assistants (not teens, they were described s young women), and Media lab staff being concerned.

I did not have the context of Epstein already being convicted as a sex offender.

There was nothing in that paragraph about Epstein having sex with teens, and I didn't mention that, either.

I am merely of the opinion that in general, young women from Eastern Europe should also be allowed to work as assistants for old men. That doesn't imply I endorse older men taking advantage of teens.

The context is very relevant though. Epstein already was a known, convicted sex offender by the point he was visiting MIT Media Lab with his young ladies of questionable status in tow. It's not relevant to the matters at hand that you, a random person who wasn't there, was not aware of the context.

You can't remove this question from its context. The people at MIT Media Lab who were worried about it certainly were aware of the context, and they were worried, but ultimately forced to go along with it because their boss wanted the money too badly.

Also, enough with the "just asking questions". Instead of asking lots of questions, just go read the relevant articles and learn the truths directly, rather than requiring people to spoonfeed you through HN comments.

nf8nnfufuu asks questions -- in order to better understand what did actually happen.

Epstein had sex with girls younger than 18. But was is against their will?

Epstein is dead, so he does not care if anybody defends him. But if we want to understand how Epstein operated, we should question the accusations.

While I think in general it is also important to understand how such things work - how young girls are being exploited.

However, here I didn't even talk about his sex exploits. I only asked about a paragraph about perceiving a man with young assistants.

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