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MIT Media Lab faked key elements of "personal food computer" project: insiders (businessinsider.com)
38 points by tempsy 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

As a fellow scientist this enrages me to no end.

It is little wonder that people lose faith in science if these kinds of quack researchers continue to claim revolutionary new inventions while swindling investors and the public out of money.

To nuance a little: I am not outraged by the fact that this project didn't work out. Research projects fail all the time; research is difficult and uncertain. The continued lying and pretending ("fake it until you make it"), however, is very problematic and in some labs and in some research fields systemic.

Let's hope MIT and/or the Media Lab have an adequate response to this immoral misconduct.

"to no end" means: uselessly. "no end" means: endlessly.


This is obviously poor timing with the Epstein scandal, but I feel like this isn't the first or last time this happens at the Media lab. Lots of ambitious projects are started by ambitious and/or desperate doctorates that we never hear about, some more bullshit than others.

Maybe they can start by understanding how Click and Grow works, especially the soil in their capsules.

MIT Media Lab is, almost entirely, a venue for precocious grad students to pad their resume at this point. When was the last time any meaningful research came from there?

There is a tremendous amount of image filtering and computer vision research that has come from there and get the last two decades. Don't get carried away with an internet pile on and try to make everything black and white.

Theranos redux.

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