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Do yourself a favor and set up browser shortcuts. In Chrome, for example, you can add custom search engines. If you set the search URL to:

(That last character is a capital "eye"/I, for "I'm".) It does a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search for your query, and restricts the results to the Python docs. So, e.g., I can type:

  py enum
And get the Python docs for the enum module.

I recommend this for MDN, too, e.g. I can type,

  mdn map type
and get the JS `Map` docs.

I need to add one for crates.io & the Rust STL. Note, of course, that this sends your searches to Google by virtue of using the "I'm Feeling Lucky" functionality.

Or, use duckduckgo.com instead (works on all major browsers) and use the following when searching (saves you time from having to setup/maintain it yourself):

  !py enum
  !mdn border-radius
  !crates webgl
  !rust vector

Wow. I was gonna say "Why not just right-click the search box on docs.python.org and add that?" But I tried your search and it's so much faster and more useful.

You can set up that MDN shortcut easily using the website https://mdn.io/, which does nothing but redirect to an I’m Feeling Lucky Google Search like you described. In your keyword bookmark (Firefox) or custom search engine (Chrome), just use the URL pattern “https://mdn.io/%s”. I titled my bookmark “Search MDN via mdn.io” and gave it the keyword “mdn”, same as deathanatos.

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