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It refers to "changelist". Google uses a Perforce-like VCS internally, and they kept the Perforce terminology: https://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.051/manuals/p4guide/07...

aka "Pull Request" in Github parlance.

aka "Merge Request" in Gitlab vernacular (which makes more sense than "pull request" in my opinion).

aka "patch" for the Linux kernel development community

aka "diff" or "revision" at FB .)

aka "CR" or "Change Request" at Amazon

Yeah, merge request seems like the best terminology of the ones I've seen.

A Perforce changelist is more like a git commit than a GitHub pull request.

The way Google uses it, a "CL" means both "a thing you sent out for pre-commit review" and "a submitted change". It's very similar to a GitHub PR, if you use a master branch and always squash your PRs when merging to master.

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