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I thought interesting, then read the first sentence:

"The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness is a theory in psychology, first proposed by Timothy Leary. It consists of several quantum psychological systems that unify the various interpretations of the main altered states of consciousness into one coherent meta-theory."

Hmm, sounded kinda mumbo-jumbo-ish, but I decided to read on. But when I hit "Timothy Leary greatly expanded upon the basic premise of eight brains, he had been inspired from sources such as the Hindu chakra system. However, the most direct transmission occurred when Leary received a document from a student of yoga." I hit the back button.

If you ever saw Across the Universe, Timothy Leary is the guy played by Bono from U2. The guy was fucking nuts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Leary

You get the Timothy Leary you deserve.

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