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Oh, it's very simple.

USB 3.0 was renamed to 3.1, but that was confusing, conflicting with USB 3.1, so it was rerenamed to USB 3.2 Gen1, so that people understood that 3.0 was ACTUALLY the first generation of USB 3.2

But that caused problems with USB 3.1, which was faster than USB 3.2 Gen1, so it was renamed USB 3.2 Gen2, so that it crystal clear was faster than USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 Gen1.

But that caused problems with USB 3.2, because 3.2 is just two lanes of USB 3.2 Gen2, so 3.2 was renamed to USB 3.2 Gen2x2 so people knew it was TWICE as good as USB 3.2 Gen2.

The problem now is that USB4 eliminates all that clarity, so right now the big marketing push is to clarify it as USB 3.2^2 Gen1: The Reckoning.

To resolve the conflicts of historical naming with USB 1 and 2, those will be renamed USB 3.2 Gen √0 and USB 3.2 Gen √-1/pi.

You got some of that mixed up.

First there was USB 3.0. Technically the standard included older speeds, but people called the new one "3.0" and all was good.

Then 3.1 came out. But what about the poor manufacturers with 3.0-speed ports? Well, someone decided they could call those ports "3.1 Gen 1".

And it was all downhill from there. 3.1 Gen 1 became 3.2 Gen 1, and now becomes USB4 Gen 1. They added more "Gens", even ones where the word "generation" makes no sense. Now the number tells you nothing about speed, and there are two separate nomenclatures for speed that are both confusing.

And I'm still not sure if they did or did not ever implement Gen 1x2...

(It being USB4 instead of USB 4.0 is another stupid poke in the eye on top of everything else.)

> being USB4 instead of USB 4.0 is another stupid poke in the eye

This. I wish to nominate the lot of it for BJAODN

That's utter baffling madness! I wish that was some kind of joke instead of actually being a semi-serious explanation most of the way through.

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