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Quasicrystals (wikipedia.org)
54 points by crazydoggers on Sept 2, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Penrose tilings have been shown to be 2 dimensional projections of simple lattice structures in 4 or more dimensions. Which is awesome. Here is a java applet that will draw as many as you'd like. https://www.gregegan.net/APPLETS/12/12.html

The story of the expedition in the Russian Far East to find the natural quasicrystals is very interesting. I was fortunate enough to see Steinhardt detail it at a colloquium at MIT 5 years ago. Unfortunately I can't find a video of him giving the talk anywhere although I imagine most of the story must be written down in some article.

He wrote a book, published in 2018: "The Second Kind of Impossible: The Extraordinary Quest for a New Form of Matter".

But maybe this video is similar in content to the talk you saw?

Can we view Quasicrystals as relatively "low cost" or "more efficient" than steel?

The wiki mentions: "The Nobel citation said that quasicrystals, while brittle, could reinforce steel "like armor"

I'm seeing a lot of potential here for building more stable, unbreakable structures here for much cheaper.

(Also, Gundams becoming much more viable!!!)

A few months ago I spent some time looking for the Al-Cu-Fe-Cr quasicrystal frying pan. I couldn't find it so I don't think it's being sold anymore. I read somewhere that the material was reacting with acidic foods and removing the coating.

Interest in quasi crystals, crystallography and quantum emergence seem to be on the rise.

Well that was a rabbit hole to fall into. The emergence stuff reads like pseudoscience to me, though.

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