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> Also BEAM GC isn't some generic GC, there's tons of crazy work going on with it to work with the Actor concurrency model.

BEAM GC isn't very crazy, it (like a lot of other parts of BEAM) is delightfully simple. Each process gets it's own stack and heap, and because if immutability, any references are always to older things, so BEAM GC is based on copy collectors: copy everything that's reachable from the current stack frame, then copy and adjust the references; when you're done throw away the old heap/stack. It's a smidge more complicated because BEAM uses two generations for the collection, and has reference counted binaries that are shared among all processes and require cleanup; but all of that is pretty straightforward too. Because of the language design, there's no need for advanced GC like in other languages; but if you transpiled to other languages, their GC would work fine.

Right, but can we stop saying "transpile"? :)

Sorry, language compression demands it.

If you want to push towards transcode, that's probably the most likely alternative. It's shorter too.

Or compile.

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