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Ask HN: Where is Julian Assange, what's happening to him now?
90 points by ak39 on Sept 1, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

"Today, Assange sits behind bars in a London prison under shocking conditions even a murderer wouldn’t expect. Renowned filmmaker and journalist John Pilger visited him there and fears for Assange’s life, noting he is held in isolation, heavily medicated and denied the basic tools needed to fight his charge of extradition to the United States"


What does "medicated" mean? (There is no "heavily" in the original tweet.)

Is he suggesting he is being drugged? Because "medicated" generally has positive qualities.

The tweet also says he is isolated, not that he is held in isolation. Anybody in prison could be considered isolated from society, but held in isolation means something much harsher.

Or you can be isolated from the other prisoners, such as being shunned...

In the UK "medicated" has negative connotations, usually implying "medicated with psychotropic medications, often against the patient's will".

There's paperwork and procedures for that to happen, and I'd guess for a high profile person like Assange the prison is being careful to make sure all the paperwork is correctly done.

Searching for "Julian Assange" on YouTube yields almost nothing from news sources in the last month. Incredible.

Maybe he isn't allowed to give interviews.

Free country, the United Kingdom.

I doubt it based on the fact that Pamela Anderson was able to visit him in jail...I think we have syntax meaning confusion here

You can watch a video of him in prison here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a9qh6OiEmE (note that the video date is wrong because it's just the default date of the phone)

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