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A potential argument against transit reliance, or at least trains relying on the grid to keep running (instead of using batteries or diesel). Personal transport options (cars, bikes, horses) are a decentralization success story when the grid goes down.

It may well be that cars with large batteries enable a smarter grid that can store surplus generation at off-peak and buffer the peaks better. After all - not everybody drives their car at the same time, and some access to a cheaper rate of electric for allowing your car to be used in such a way when it is plugged in, is certainly one avenue that may well open up more, as we see more and more electric cars.

Though the swappable battery charger offerings do seem to be more suited in accommodating such avenues and removes the worry of battery lifetime cycles from the owners. Worry that their car acts as a grid battery for a month when on holiday and reduces it's life beyond the cost of saving. So will be a case of getting the balance right. Hence I feel the swappable battery offerings may be at an advantage here and opens up making such solutions more cost effective to run.

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