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Honestly most file systems haven't been designed to run on an FTLs (except maybe UBIFS). Most filesystems have been designed to run on magnetic disk drives, where wear is a non-issue and data locality is more important.

As the world transitions to flash, FTLs were created to translate flash in a way that doesn't require rewriting the filesystem. But this adds a layer of abstraction that can make the resulting storage stack more costly than is necessary.

Why the comparison to traditional, magnetic disk based filesystems? Because a lot people are putting them on raw flash and expecting them to work (mostly FAT in the MCU space). It's important to inform their perspective that traditional storage practices don't work on raw flash.

As for everyone assuming block == logical block, I don't think that's true. It's a pretty overused term, in NOR/NAND datasheets it simply describes the physical geometry of the raw flash. Though even there it is inconsistent.

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