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I'm a full-time freelancer and I travel for about 8 months every year. I can relate to the mindset of the author.

As much as we like to _think_ of working at a beach or next to a waterfall, it's not really that practical. Sometimes the wifi doesn't work in the coffee shop, the coffeeshop is busy and loud, or you don't have a power supply to work more than a couple hours.

For me, the sweet spot is staying longer in every place I go. I sometimes take multi-day hikes and forget about my work. I come back, order food delivered, and get my work done at the comfort of a hotel room with good chairs and tables. I can focus more, I am more productive, and it feels better knowing that your next adventure is just a few days away.

"Never" leaving the hotel room is a strong word, and I think everyone doing it should take some time to hit a nearby local restaurant, a pub, or take a walk at the beach for some fresh air.

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