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The Theory of Concatenative Combinators (2007) (tunes.org)
47 points by alex_hirner 51 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Great to see an article related to Joy!

If you do not know Joy and want to check it out, you will notice that the link in this page is broken. A mirror is available here: http://www.kevinalbrecht.com/code/joy-mirror/index.html

Thank you for sharing this. I found it a surprisingly good introduction to combinators in general. Reading it also set off a lot of resonances in my brain with formal, Hilbert-style logic systems and attempting to find minimal collections of axioms.

Was recently blown away to find out that propositional logic can be whittled down to just modus ponens and the single axiom:

    ((((p -> q) -> (~r -> ~s)) -> r) -> t) -> ((t -> p) -> (s -> p))
Anyway, I've been wanting to check out concatenative programming for a while now, anyway. This website [0] is a pretty darn good resource for anyone similarly interested.

I would love to combine the above with my interest in rich type systems. Anyone aware of anything that, in spirit, marries Haskell and Factor?


I do not know too much about it, but cat is a statically typed functional stack-based programming language:


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