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Cargill: The Worst Company in the World (mightyearth.org)
37 points by adrian_mrd 52 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Dow chemical is also a strong contender for this dubious crown.

They now own what remains of Union Carbide, who are largely responsible for Bhopal. That was bad enough that it is still taught as an ethics example in chemistry courses, 30-odd years later.


Do they teach that sabotage was not the cause?

The emphasis is strongly on the corporate malfeasance after the incident itself.

As well as the actual chemistry of what happened; this was taught in orgoII when i took it.

Curious if being private company makes things worse in this case.

Unreadable on mobile.

Quite readable on Firefox preview, if you're open to giving that a shot.

Reads fine on iOS: Safari, Firefox Focus and Chrome. What browser and OS are you using?

iOS Safari has an ever-present portrait covering half the viewport as I scroll

On iOS I use MiniHack.app which opens all links in reader-mode on the safari webview... it's quite nice, and gets right to the actual substance.

Or, perhaps you can just double-click on the text, it'll zoom on the text only.

This is what I meant.

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