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> Clojure is explicitly designed as a hosted language, which I think was a very good move.

I’m not personally a fan of a VM such as JVM. Sure you get some easy benefits, but now you have two things that need tuning. Two things that need periodic updating.

Personally the total encapsulation of first-class static linking (such as Golang) is my preferred future. It must be first class and baked into the language in its design.

You're missing the point. Because Clojure is hosted you basically can share code between JVM and Javascript. It is extremely nice when you actually can do that. Even in NodeJS, essentially running on different implementations of the same platform - that is hard. As it turns out - not so hard in Clojure.

Now, imagine also having access to thousand of libraries written for JVM and Nodejs and Browsers? There are attempts to port Clojure to other ecosystems, making it possible to use them there. What if someday you can write Clojure code that can be shared between say Rust runtime, NodeJS and a browser? Wouldn't be that cool?

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