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To be honest, it sounds like quite a lot of big 'luxury' blocks of flats (gym, pool, cafe / restaurant, concierge) with a slightly higher class of building management than usual (the centralised cleaning and interior decoration).

Heck, this is basically the modus operandi of most luxury student accommodation in London.

Most luxury apartment buildings have an affiliated cleaning service and can recommend an interior designer.

Find one with a restaurant on the bottom floor and you're done.

It'll cost close to 5K/mo all in for decent square footage. That's before food, which will probably run around 50/day at least. Still very achievable on a dev salary in a major market, as long as you don't make any other expensive life decisions (i.e., children). Not what I would spend my money on, but certainly an option if it's what you want

A good 1 bed in new luxury highrise in SF can be had for ~$4k in the current market (2019), which is affordable on a dev salary (I live in one).

Assuming you’d spend 50% of salary on rent...

4k per month is 48k per year.

That's 50% of your salary(after taxes) if you're making 140k, but 1/4th of dev salaries in SF start above that.


Yeah, this is maybe something more appropriate mid career than when just starting out.

Plus 1k for the cleaning and delivery services.

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