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Motel 6?

Generally most hotels fail on the pitch black during the day requirement because they only have curtains (only roller shutters, aluminum foil on the window or having no window can block all light), they aren't very good at being silent (no soundproofing, room service with carts at morning, road in front without properly insulated windows, etc.) and you generally don't get an high-quality mattress and bed unless you go for an high-end hotel (with lots of useless amenities) and often the bed is not even acceptable (too small, no wood foundation, bad mattress, sheets that aren't big enough to always stay tucked in, or even sheets that can't be tucked in at all).

You might be interested in checking yourself and a bed into a storage facility. It fits your requirements perfectly.

I don’t know if this is a serious suggestion, but I’m quite confident you can’t just live in a storage space in most parts of the developed world, it’s definitely not legal.

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