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Where and how specifically does Jira build in stress and burnout metrics and avoidance mechanisms into its tools and techniques?

And when is it going to mandate a change of langauge in Scrum from "sprint" to some word vastly more reasonable in designating a staged, sustainable, work effort?

The English language is in dire need of an idiom connoting the fox advising the henhouse. This post lacks all credibility.

I agree, today marks my last day in employment with no job lined up due to burnout. A large part of what makes software development so unpleasant is Atlassian tools and they culture they foster. Ultimately the wider problem is business level implementations of scrum as a means to deskill, overload and remove the ability to display mastery from developers; but a company using Atlassian tools is a strong indicator they care more about metrics and permissions and tracking than letting developers work, in my experience.

"Sprint" isn't supposed to be sustainable. It acknowledges that for brief periods we set aside distractions/maintenance/cleanup and make progress and THEN back off to a state that lets us recuperate the whole environment. Or it should, anyway.

If an activity is not meant to be sustainable, then stop using a word literally meaning "A burst of speed or activity" for prolonged, iterated, no-reprieve workfactor increments.

(See above Humpty Dumpty "glory" quote.)

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