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I did Cocaine with my girlfriend to give her company, a few months maybe.

Then I convinced her to give it up after I did so myself. Now it's long time, and we are clean.

Why did we stop? I always knew drugs are bad for us, they promote neurotoxicity and damage brain. I tried to make her understand this many times but one time she nearly died with drug overdose after that she changed and we quit.

Few changes I noticed is that I became lot less combative in my arguments, became less concerned about my political and religious beliefs.

And more or less, I lost the anexity issue I used to have.

Bad see effects? I do not know of any, I've good long term memory and I do not notice any change in that either.

I understand drugs are mind altering substance and possibly neurotoxic which could be fatal for our brain.

Worst thing is that, many people get addicted to these and are never able to walk out of addiction. Luckily, that was not our fate.

So I think not all people are addicted to drugs and many can quit it at will whenever they want.

Legalisation would be better, although you can buy any drug in Europe but problem is that if you are caught with it or you overdose then how do you call ambulance? Many would be terrified if they overdosed and will die.

Talking with my doctor friend in EU, he says you can deny that you took drugs and claim that someone else put that in your drink or something and the case ends there but how many know it?

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