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Bang Bros Bought a Porn Doxing Forum and Set Fire to It (vice.com)
59 points by coloneltcb 53 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

Glad to see it gone. Now if we can have more disclosure in the porn industry so starlets know what they are getting in to and that most girls that enter this industry quickly leave... and that lots of performers in this industry make most of their money doing sex work... Maybe then we would not get the sort of lawsuits that these 22 girls suing GDP are suing for.

Regardless of what people think about the industry it's a difficult and exploitative industry with a very short lived career path for most who choose it and a lifelong stigma that goes with participating... which often gets girls doing this by first asking them to do a naked photo-shoot which is then used as a opportunity to upsell the girls porn shoot... In the case of GDP it was with an all paid ticket to a different town -- and that might sound exciting at first if you don't know what you are getting in to.

PWL was a pretty vile site, glad to see it gone, even if the scumbag behind it can probably just start again and probably lost none of the data.

and why exactly is he/she a scumbag?

Kind of grotesque to think that in practice a doxing forum like that is a way to make some cash. Probably not hard to set up that forum or expensive to operate it, but in the end the operators cashed out because someone was willing to spend money to make it go away.

There are other far worse forums out there that run for-profit and seem to show no sign of stopping, unfortunately. Some of them have an actual real-world death count (and that's the point).

Don't really know how you solve it. Censorship isn't the answer (even if it were, how do you get it universally applied in countries that might host these services), and there aren't shared morals here to apply either. The legal system? Maybe, but it moves so slowly...

Copyright trolls manage to find people's identities fast and cheap enough; maybe I'm crazy but it should be possible to use the courts for good without spending massive money.

You should. This is equality we need, but noone is talking about. Everyone deserves the right to have their civil rights defended.

Spending money to hunt them down with the legal system and repeatedly take them offline and demand logs would work.

It would cost a million dollars to find one poster, but it’s worth a billion dollars to strike fear into their hearts that they could be identified and named and shamed in lawsuits and judgements in their home towns.

And then get SLAPPed; in America there’s free speech.

Free speech only applies to government actions. SLAPP applies to private citizens. Pick one.

No, the first amendment only applies to government actions. But both the first amendment and anti-SLAPP statutes exist to protect free speech.

(Although in a very real way, every lawsuit is a government action.)

Information wants to be free.

And I see that waybackmachine has purged it too.

You only have to update the robots.txt of a website to purge the history on the way back machine. They apply it to the history too, which is sometimes a bit sad.

Afaik, they don't actually "purge" the history, merely hide it. If the robots.txt is updated again at any point, all the history pops back. Hiding information requires active maintenance, which is a very clever way of making as much as possible available while avoiding liability.

That’s interesting in the case of a domain transfer. If I sell a domain I am de facto selling the rights to its history.

Probably. I wonder if Bang Bros used the threat of copyright enforcement to get what they wanted.

good on them

Not understanding the GDP lawsuit. Who does adult film then gets upset at success? Seems like a back handed way to get to collect royalties. Good business for PH to pay top performers a reasonable share of ad revenue directly independent from their production company.

In the case of GDP I saw a post on reddit the girl was flown out under false pretenses. Then pressured into doing the shoot, otherwise she was told she would have to reimburse the producers for the flights and hotel. She was also told this wasn’t going to be released and was for a private collection. Pretty slimy if true, and it sounds like 22 other girls have a similar story.

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