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[dupe] 93% of Paint Splatters Are Valid Perl Programs (famicol.in)
44 points by gitgud 46 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Oh god this hits close to home for me. We all know that a one liner can be valid js, vbs, ps1, and cmd at the same time, but you would never imagine the html, xml, csv, crap, and cruft files that parse correctly in those languages.

(To be clear, whenever we mistake a .cruft for a .cmd at my work, it means firing up a (relatively expensive) VM...)

Seems to me that the OCR software is doing the heavy lifting here, not Perl.

(I don't think this thing is meant to be taken literally)

It would be interesting to run samples from the cosmic microwave background radiation through the Perl interpreter until something runs.

It would explain so much https://xkcd.com/224/

Once upon a time I used to love Perl.

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