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It is amazing how much of what we perceive as part of our culture and is really manufactured by personal and economic interests and we are not even aware of that.


When the campaign began, in 1967, not quite 5 percent of engaged Japanese women received a diamond engagement ring. By 1972, the proportion had risen to 27 percent. By 1978, half of all Japanese women who were married wore a diamond; by 1981, some 60 percent of Japanese brides wore diamonds. In a mere fourteen years, the 1,500-year Japanese tradition had been radically revised.

Bacon & Eggs for breakfast:


Some other examples?

The same Edward Bernays also did a PR stunt to market cigarettes to women, calling them "torches of freedom", associating women's smoking (which was considered taboo at the time) with feminism.


It is covered in the Adam Curtis documentary, 'The Century of the Self'.

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