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> Candidly, I would say that college does not even provide the base skill-set.

This is true. The things of value (from an industry POV) that you actually learn at university are:

1) You learn to learn. You learn to pick up an entirely new area of knowledge (albeit sometimes based on prior learning) in six months to the point where you're proficient enough to pass an exam in it.

2) You learn to work to sometimes-unreasonable deadlines with minimal supervision (at least, if you graduate you've probably learned this).

3) You learn to stick with something for 3+ years even when it stops being fun.

4) You meet a bunch of people who form the start of your professional network.

Anything else you pick up is a bonus, and your first 3-6 months on the job are where you actually learn what you need for that job.

Most companies don't give grads the opportunity to learn on the job.They want experienced professionals.

You just mean they don't hire junior developers. Everybody learns on the job, even experienced professionals.

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