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> The thing about all of those skills is they are all soft skills, that can be taught quickly on the job to the right candidates. Whereas a deep ability to solve a technical problem cannot be taught in a reasonable amount of time to most people.

This is the exact opposite I have seen in 20 some odd years of working. Maybe if you mean deep technical skills as an expert in cutting edge ML? Thing is, most companies do not need that that depth of expertise. They need someone who can get build standard web/mobile apps, and not be an asshole (and even a bigger plus if they know anything about business/finance/project management). How many assholes have you ever turned into not assholes vs. how many people have you been able to teach something technical? Soft skills are hard for many people.


Wanted to add that a pretty standard soft skill of being able to check their ego often allows people to learn more easily than those who can't put their ego aside.

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