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Heavily depends on the tool. There are a lot of youtube comparisons.


There is still a ton of play in most the tools with moving parts. (AKA don't buy a drill press because there is a huge amount of play in the HF versions). The cheap home depot tools though are actually pretty good if you get the reasonable ones. AKA a good Ryobi 18V drill is just as good as the yellow or red ones that cost 2x-3x as much despite the "contractor grade".


(there are a bunch of videos with people killing dewalt drills, batteries, etc. At least over the past few years their reputation doesn't appear to be deserved.)

Anecdotally cheaper brands of power tools seem to have a higher rate of return despite being mostly sold to consumers who are extremely likely to use tools in a less demanding fashion compared to contractors that who buy more expensive tools. This leads one to believe that the more expensive brands are better made and more durable and therefore worth the premium. If you time your purchases around frequent promotions you probably will pay less than 2x for the better quality tool and may well even save money in the long run.

Example if you pay 1.8x the cost for a tool that lasts 10 years vs 1x for 4 years of service you will actually have paid LESS not more.

One also notices that pro's tend to buy brand name tools rather than budget brands even when they are budget conscious in other ways.

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