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Are you hydrated adequately? Drink more water! brought to you by Coca-Cola and American Beverage Association. Those bots spamming about hydration in twitch chat? thats them.

>Coke and ABA also spread deceptive messages about hydration—giving the misimpression that many people suffer from dehydration, according to the complaint. “We don’t believe in empty calories. We believe in hydration,” said Coca-Cola executive Katie Bayne.


So that is where the “hydrohomies” stuff comes from on Reddit? Probably a second order effect though, considering that communities original name

Uh... I really don't think so. Those communities are very specifically about only drinking water, ideally tap water, and absolutely hate soda. As tongue-in-cheek as the entire thing is, soda is the enemy there. If rasz thinks that the people spamming about hydration in Twitch chat (or anywhere else) have anything to do with Coca-Cola or any other company, he's wrong, and simply jumped to conclusions based on previous experience. This entire "movement" is literally about only drinking water, and the health benefits it provides over drinking soda, juice, etc. Maybe it's sponsored by lemon companies, since a slice of lemon is about the only thing that those communities allow in their precious water.

Talking about Coca Cola, they spend literally billions in advertisement annually. I find it quite fascinating to think that maybe nobody would drink Coca Cola anymore, would they stop advertising it. What a crappy product if you think about it...

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