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Jesse Combs (of Mythbusters) Killed in Land-Speed Record Crash (roadandtrack.com)
82 points by whalesalad 54 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

That's incredibly sad. I suppose she knew it was a possibility but that likely takes nothing away from how tragic it must be for her friends and family. I believe the title should contain 'Jessi', not 'Jesse'.

I noticed in a past news post on her website that she mentions almost dying in a previous record attempt, and facing the reality of her mortality before setting a new record immediately after her friend and mentor died from cancer. So evidently she was very aware that this was a possible end game for her. I admire that she had such an intense passion.


> So evidently she was very aware that this was a possible end game for her.

I hope/expect people involved know that. The land speed record seems pretty brutal (https://lsrdeaths.webs.com/), behind the water speed record where people should probably just assume death at this point.

It must be a lot of passion to keep someone doing this.

We chatted briefly at a rocket club meeting in Oakland back in 2009. Didn't know she was famous, but I soon picked my jaw up off the floor when she got talking about her latest dune racer build. She was the real deal. Rest in peace Jessi.

I have fond memories of watching her on Overhaulin' and Xtreme4x4, way back when. Beautiful girl who was a total bad ass and was phenomenal at her craft. She will be sorely missed.

Today's news is saying that the vehicle failed to stop at the end of the run and went off the lakebed.

RIP fellow maker and dreamer.

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