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Show HN: SideNotes 1.0 for macOS – Clean notes on the side of your monitor (apptorium.com)
52 points by emkaka 45 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Hi everyone!

Remember sticky notes? They are useful but really messy. So we decided to upgrade them - that’s how SideNotes appeared! And to keep your desktop clean, we moved the notes on the side.

SideNotes keeps handy notes organized in folders. Each note may have a color. Text formatting? Out of the box. Not only Markdown but also tasks, pictures, colors and links. Drop them or create a note right from the pasteboard content. Application might stay on top of other apps or be gently hidden until you need it. SideNotes is useful and elegant, handy and intuitive. It organizes your thoughts and speeds up your work.

We had lots of ️ to make it and we are proud of this app. It will be our honor if you love it, too.

This looks promising.

Any plans to have an option to shrink the note to a smaller vertical size? Right now, every note has a large empty bottom border (where the icons and timestamp go when in edit mode). It would be nice if the note "expanded" on edit (and with minimal animation!) and then shrunk down to a minimal size when exiting edit mode.

A couple other features I'd like to see:

• A preference to reduce the margin/padding around the four sides of each note to make it even more compact

• A way to specify a different "code" font (Pragmata Pro!)

• Reduce the height of the main SideNotes window (where you select a folder) so it's just tall enough to show the existing folders

Keep up the great work on your apps. Your company definitely makes some useful tools. :)

Once worked for a great manager who kept track of huge amount of information in Sticky Notes.

I always shied away from it because I could not come up with a simple way to export the data. Of course I could have parsed the huge plist file...

This looks very cool.

This is great.

Are there plans to support Apple Notes? Sorry if SideNotes already does this. (I couldn’t find any mention of Apple Notes in the Mac App Store or on the Apptorium website.) If no, why develop another note taking app rather than provide a better front end to Apple Notes? At least then there’d be iCloud sync support ;)

I think Apple Notes should be Apple Notes. It's great for long notes. SideNotes is made for quick, handy notes. That's different approach IMO.

Regarding to synchronisation, next step will be iCloud implementation

Has anyone done a front end to apple notes? All I see are different note taking apps. None being wrappers of Apple Notes.

Very nice implementation Emkaka. I built a sticky notes replacement app too called Thought Train, but I really like your implementation :)

I love the concept of this - I live off temporary lists and have tried a lot of different approaches to them - pen & paper, fancy pants notebooks and diaries, Apple Notes, Sticky Notes, full on GTD apps.

For me personally the perfect app just needs to stay out of my way most of the time. My lists are typically what I want to get done today or at most this week - I don't need reminders or nagging, repeated items, subtasks, fancy formatting or complex UIs. Just a list that I can bring up quickly and hide even more quickly.

The one thing that's missing for me right now (and I can see you're already on the case) is an iOS app with iCloud sync. When that's available I could definitely see myself replacing Apple Notes with this.

On a side note (sorry, couldn't help it) I was browsing through the other apps you have listed in the footer and some really nice looking apps in there! Nice work! Definitely going to give TeaCode, ScreenFocus and Expressions a try.

Please, please, please support applescript or some cli or API interface. If I can get these to reposition based in events.... Joy!

AppleScript is supported. Next week we'll publish an article explaining that.

However, you can browse the syntax via Script Editor and use it right away.

Looks great, but unless there was integration of notes with Google Keep it would mean notes taken on my Mac would only be there and not available to me on my phone.

This doesn't appear to support multiple monitors, it's pinned to my the primary display on my MBP. Would try it again if you add proper support.

What do you mean by proper support? Currently the window changes display according to the position of cursor.

looks awesome, i'll have to try it out. i would love to see this UI integrated into todoist.

How integrated?

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